YAHOO! Finance: CEO Anthony Puglia Joins Top 30 Under 30

CEO Anthony Puglia Joins Top 30 Under 30

Under exclusive invitation, CEO Anthony Puglia will be joining 29 of the nation’s top 30 under 30 CEOs (CEO Anthony Puglia Joins Top 30 Under 30). This carefully selected group of young professionals will collaborate in Costa Rica for a 5-day retreat.

How has a young person who has only been in business for two years become so successful? It is, no doubt, his ability to teach others and replicate himself. When asked about his success, CEO Anthony Puglia responded with the comments, “Our success has been based off of the strong relationships built within the company. We are very goal-oriented (both individual and team) and make that the core of the business. Much of our success is due to our collaborative team environment.”

One of Synergy’s upcoming events includes the national Top Leaders’ Meeting held at the DFW Hilton in Dallas, TX. Anthony selected 5 top Account Managers and invited them to join him at the conference. These individuals will be getting invaluable business information and a once-in-a-lifetime networking opportunity. The hard working, Westchester rock stars are Mario Camacho, 21; Skyler Fintal, 25; Brittany Smith, 23; Tanner Holland, 23; and company administrator, Emmy Brakye, 24. They will be 5 of hundreds from around the country coming together under a common goal — *The Keys to Success.

CEO Anthony Puglia Joins Top 30 Under 30

Other events include an all expenses paid getaway in Montego Bay, Jamaica and a yacht cruise in Newport Beach, California. To state the obvious, Synergy Management supports the philosophy, “Infinite striving to be the best is man’s duty; it is its own reward…” -Ghandi

Synergy Management is expected to sign its fourth Fortune 500 client January 2014.

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