We Love New Rochelle, and Do Our Part to Keep it Great

We make a point to stay involved with the New Rochelle community so that we always know where we can make the biggest positive impact with our Synergy Management philanthropy program. We feel that our success as a business and a team comes with a responsibility to give back to those in need, and in doing so we make our neighborhoods stronger while we become better people ourselves.

When we talk about the ways that we improve through charitable acts, we’re referring to more than just a generous spirit or social awareness (though those are important as well). There are specific ways that we develop both personally and professionally by getting involved with worthy causes.

For example, when we give a hand up to those who need it, we learn to be more grateful for the lives that we lead. This includes not only the blessings, but the challenges as well. Our problems, though they may seem big at times, are nothing compared with the struggles faced by those without a home or the means to buy food.

We also build our networks during our Synergy Management giveback events. Fundraisers like 5Ks and food drives often include several organizations besides our own, where we make the acquaintance of like-minded, ambitious professionals who are as invested in New Rochelle as we are.

When we work to make our community better, we develop personally and professionally. See what causes we support next by following Synergy Management on Twitter.