Thanking Guss and Edwin for Raising the Bar

We want our team members to know how much they are appreciated, so we’ve made recognition a Synergy Management value. That means we make a point of showing our gratitude for the hard work and dedication of each associate, and spend time considering unique and memorable ways to say thank you during our morning and manager meetings.

One of the methods to recognize excellence is this blog. Each month, we pick one or two executives and share the specific skills, traits, and mind-sets that make them such valuable members of our organization. This month, we wanted to give Guss and Edwin some well-deserved time in the spotlight.

“Edwin and Guss have both been standout performers, managing entire divisions on their own and always pushing for better results,” stated Anthony, CEO of Synergy Management. “Everyone here is motivated by their natural work ethics and go-go-go attitudes!”

Success leaves clues, as the saying goes, and that is another reason recognition is a principle by which we operate. By highlighting top performers, team members know to whom they should look up and emulate. Guss and Edwin are two great examples of this: we would all do well to match their positivity and executive presence.

We’re glad to work alongside Guss and Edwin, and are grateful for their impact on our firm. To find out more about them and the rest of our team like Synergy Management on Facebook.