Recognizing One of Our Talented Interns

Recognition is one of the pillars of our Synergy Management culture. We show our thanks to those who embrace our mission and values so they know their efforts are appreciated.

This month, we wanted to share our enthusiasm for Shira, one of our Synergy Management interns. She has really set the bar high in terms of what a great intern does for the team, and she always brings her A-game to the table every single day. She attends the University of Michigan and has really strengthened her communications and sales skills during her time with our firm.

Students who are invited to join our internship program are provided the same learning and development opportunities as our full-time team members. For instance, they are taught networking skills, and attend events where they begin building their professional networks.

Also, our interns are assigned coaches that guide them through our training program. This one-to-one guidance ensures that students feel supported during their time with us, and also highlights the importance of teamwork to our firm’s success.

Perhaps most importantly, interns are encouraged to provide feedback about their experiences, both while they’re with us and afterward as well. We are always open to refining our processes, and we want our top producers (like Shira) to come back and join us when they graduate.

We are proud of the talented students that join our internship program, and congratulate Shira on her performance. Learn more about our focus on training and development by liking Synergy Management on Facebook.