Our Travel Program Creates Personal and Company Growth

Travel is one of the pillars of our Synergy Management growth strategy. One month we might travel to another office to learn best practices from a new market, while another month might find us networking in a tropical resort with industry leaders from around the world. Wherever the trip takes us, we know we’ll return more capable as people and professionals, which helps our company maintain its top position in the marketplace.

Our next journey will take hand-selected team members to Dallas, Texas, for a national conference. Those who attend will hear high achievers share their knowledge, while also gaining hands-on training with the latest tools and techniques in our field. Perhaps most importantly though, we will grow our professional networks while getting to know our Synergy Management colleagues better.

There are many ways in which travel benefits our associates. The chance to network is definitely one of them, as a large contact list provides us with access to a greater pool of career know how than we alone could create.

Those who travel are often more resilient and flexible as well. Stepping out of our normal daily routines and seeing the sights in new places gives us confidence that we can thrive in novel situations, while also introducing us to different cultures and perspectives.

For us, business travel is an investment in the well-being of our company, because it helps us develop our team members to their fullest potential. Find out where our event managers are headed next by following Synergy Management on Twitter.