Many Benefits of Being a Socially Responsible Business

Leadership is a Synergy Management value that we embody outside the office as well as in. We are leaders in our community as well, supporting nonprofits and good causes throughout the year.

The good that we do is the most important motivation of course, but there are other benefits to our Synergy Management philanthropy program as well. For example, camaraderie and morale are always higher after our team takes part in a giveback event. We gain a greater sense of purpose about our careers when our company supports a fundraiser because we know we’re making a difference, not just a paycheck.

Also, we get the chance to know our colleagues in a way that our daily routines might not allow. Since we choose the foundations we support as a team, we learn what causes are meaningful to one another. When working side-by-side packing lunches or cleaning a park, we connect outside our professional roles and titles. More frequent and open communication in the office is a result.

Finally, we also meet like-minded people in the community who care about the same causes we do and are willing to take action as well. These contacts could lead to opportunities down the road, and even some friendships.

There are many practical reasons for businesses to get involved with their communities, plus it’s the right thing to do. See what cause we support next by liking Synergy Management on Facebook.