Learn the Secret to Our Unified Office Culture

One of our top Synergy Management priorities is maintaining our collaborative culture. We work hard to attract talented professionals to our firm, and then we empower them to work interdependently with their colleagues, creating innovative outreach campaigns that none of us could have imagined on our own.

One of the secrets to building a team-centric workplace might surprise you: we make time to have fun! In business speak this is referred to as high office morale, but what it boils down to is Team Synergy Management having a good time together, both in and out of the workplace.

We keep the in-office mood light with games and friendly competitions through which we sharpen our skills while we have a few laughs. Sometimes we even have prizes for those who win the results-oriented contests, up to and including travel opportunities like our annual rest and relaxation retreat.

Team nights are also a great tool for building unity. As often as possible, we go out after work and enjoy some downtime together. We might go bowling, play laser tag, or just go out to dinner. No matter the destination, we always connect with one another on a more personal level than we can during our normal busy workdays.

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