Highlighting Two Outstanding Account Managers

It’s time once again to put our top Synergy Management performers in the spotlight. Jimy and Marc Anthony, both recently promoted to account management, are definitely worthy of some recognition. Anthony, our firm’s CEO, noted that these two set great examples every day in our office by always working to improve and help others.

Jimy came to us in February from a different background than most of our team members. This didn’t hold him back, though, as he’s grown a lot in the last several months. Anthony remarked that Jimy has opened up quite a bit and displayed a bubbly personality as he’s improved his skill set. He continues to refine his habits and sharpen his winning leadership traits as well.

Marc Anthony always has a positive attitude, which makes him an ideal leader and a fast learner. His student mentality will take him far, as will his commitment to help out wherever he’s needed. With a selfless mind-set and strong desire to learn, Marc Anthony sets the pace for all of us around Synergy Management HQ.

Jimy and Marc Anthony have proven themselves to be strong decisionmakers in their time with our company. They’re assertive in finding the best pathways forward. This bodes well for their future as account managers and for our firm as a whole.

We’re lucky to have Jimy and Marc Anthony upholding our core values. Check out the Synergy Management Newswire feed to keep up with all our top performers.