Goals Are the Secret to Our Continued Success

As the end of the fourth quarter draws near, it’s time to reflect on the past year and all that Team Synergy Management has accomplished. There were, in fact, many highlight moments – 2018 was very inspiring! The only thing we’re more excited about is seeing how much more we can achieve in 2019.

While success is a nuanced subject, and everyone here is encouraged to pursue their own version of it, there are some common features that all success stories share. For example, those who rack up consistent wins do so because they can set realistic and motivating goals, and then stick to them until they’re completed.

Some people might be born with the ability to do this, but in our collective Synergy Management experience it’s more a matter of training and practice. This is why goal-setting strategies are cornerstones of our firm’s learning system, which has been developed to provide access to all the knowledge and skills a person needs to thrive in our industry.

Next, we create ways to practice the techniques we discuss in real time. For instance, many of our trips require team members to qualify in some way because this provides a target to aim for with clear metrics, an established timeline, and an apparent benefit – all elements of a well-set goal.

By teaching team members how to set goals and then supporting them as they work to accomplish these objectives, we’ve created an office culture that invites achievement.