Encouraging Professional Growth Through Business Travel

When we invite someone to join Team Synergy Management, we make sure to provide every resource required to achieve success. This includes a thorough training system with hands-on learning, coaching, and even travel.

In fact, a few of our top producers just returned from an educational trip. Tarik, Jermaine, and Reena spent a weekend in Dallas, Texas, where they shared best practices with industry leaders from across the country, added like-minded peers to their professional networks, and attended seminars that discussed the latest techniques in our field. There was also an awards ceremony, and of course, time to explore the great city of Dallas.

Traveling to Dallas is exciting in and of itself, but the chance to meet with accomplished pros and learn from them made this a growth event for everyone who attended. What’s more, the awards ceremony showed just how much was possible for determined associates committed to our Synergy Management approach. Tarik, Jermaine, and Reena all agreed that this trip took their careers to the next levels, and we witnessed their increased drive on day one back in the office.

We do more than say we’re invested in our team members and their growth; we prove it by offering exciting, effective learning options that produce concrete results. To find out more about the ways we train our associates for success, follow Synergy Management on Facebook.