Closing Out the Summer in Style

We recently ended a great summer for Synergy Management with a memorable Labor Day celebration. The last couple of months have been amazing for our crew, with fun get-togethers and big wins for the telecom services providers we represent. We’re definitely ready to say goodbye to the summer heat, though, so we’re even more excited for fall!

Our Labor Day party was one last chance to live it up with our teammates this summer. We’re sure to enjoy plenty of outdoor activities this fall as well. A trip to a pumpkin patch might even find its way onto our schedule. Even if we don’t get to do that, there are sure to be enough pumpkin spice-accented items around to get us in the spirit of the season.

One of the best parts of any Synergy Management team event is the fact that we get to reflect on the success we’ve achieved. The Labor Day party was certainly a good example of this, as we talked about all the winning projects we worked on this summer. When we remind each other of how much we’re capable of achieving, we create positive momentum that sparks even stronger teamwork.

We’re more than ready for what fall brings, from cooler temperatures to college football. Follow Synergy Management on Instagram for updates on all our autumn team events and achievements.