Big News From Punta Cana R&R

We’re always excited to unwind in an exotic setting such as Punta Cana, Dominican Republic. This year’s event was extra special, though, because of two huge achievements for our team. Anthony, our firm’s CEO, received a promotion to Regional Manager. His sister and admin Francesca was also named Administrator of the Year. They’re a powerhouse duo for our firm. We were so excited to see them lauded in front of so many top industry leaders.

This promotion actually means that Anthony himself is now one of our industry’s top leaders. He was the only person recognized with such advancement during the event. That made it a special honor for everyone on Team Synergy Management. We’re looking forward to many more impressive showings at industry-wide events throughout 2019.

Along with the honors bestowed upon Anthony and Francesca, the Punta Cana trip also gave us time to reflect on our 2018 success. As we looked back on our biggest Synergy Management wins, we also discussed some of our most ambitious aims for the year to come. It’s safe to say that we returned to the home office more inspired than ever to post major wins for our national service partners in 2019 and beyond.

This year’s Punta Cana R&R is one we won’t soon forget. For updates on all our travel events and success in the coming year, follow Synergy Management on Twitter.