Admin Meeting Promises Big Rewards

Around the Synergy Management office, we’re excited about the upcoming admin meeting for many reasons. The gathering, which will take place in Laurel, New Jersey during the weekend of August 10-11, will offer incredible networking and learning potential. There will also be a golf outing on the second day of the meeting, which means we can unwind as we connect with some of the top performers in the customer acquisition industry.

Whenever we head out to these types of events, we bring a sound networking strategy along with us. We have a few icebreakers in mind to make sure discussions get started on the right note. Topics might include anything to do with the event itself, including the food and keynote speakers. We also do some research before the event on LinkedIn and company websites. This gives us some professional common ground on which to build.

More than anything, we do our best to listen intently as we expand our Synergy Management networks. We know people like to talk about themselves, so we pose open-ended questions that give them room to elaborate. As they speak, we listen for both nuggets of wisdom and possible ways we can offer meaningful help. From there, a long-term connection is much more likely.

We’re ready to make the most of the admin meeting. Follow Synergy Management on Facebook to get updates from this event and all our travel plans.