Synergy Management: Connecting Communities
to Professionals

Synergy Management enables local home improvement contractors to increase their customer base by providing customer acquisition solutions in tandem with a national retailer. Expertly trained teams use progressive, authentic outreach methods to connect a wide variety of in-home service businesses within the region with new customer opportunities.

We partner with local small businesses working within a variety of industries including HVAC specialists, water filtration businesses, window treatment contractors, and many more. Our experienced, trusted team members drive maximum growth for these businesses by spreading the word about their services directly to people living in the community.

Synergy Managment

Focused on You

We think you’re exactly what your customers need, and we want them to know it. Tell us what makes your business unique and we’ll deliver an equally unique marketing plan.

Exclusive Research

It’s not enough to know about YOU, we need to know everything there is to know about your customers, too. Our talented teams leverage specific demographic research to identify and understand your ideal customer base.

The Brand Story

Knowing your customers means we’ll create a brand story that speaks directly to them. Our interactive presentations, led by personality-filled, motivated associates, will excite and engage customers.

Rapid Response

We believe in striking while the iron is hot. Qualified leads are connected with vetted home service professionals to collaborate on needed services.

Synergy Management’s customer portfolio includes Fortune 500 firms, small start-ups and everything in between. We’ll scale our solutions to fit your business, your goals and your customers. We partners with home improvement industry giants to increase brand awareness and customer acquisition.


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