A Memorial Day Party to Remember

We always have a good time when Team Synergy Management gets together away from the office. Our most recent exciting group outing was our Memorial Day celebration in Connecticut on May 19.. This event, which had the feel of a block party, featured food, drinks, and games for all of us and our family and friends. We’ll be talking about this party for a long time, and it was the ideal way to kick off the summer season.

Our teamwork on big projects is so successful because we’re committed to a winning team atmosphere. When we get together for events like our Memorial Day party, we get to see each other in completely different lights. Of course, we respect the unique talents our colleagues bring to their work roles, but cutting loose away from the office lets us build even more appreciation for each other. We have so many positive traits under one roof, so observing them in new settings is always a good time.

The fact that we have fun as a team is yet another reason Synergy Management is a prime career destination. Anyone who comes on board will quickly realize what a supportive work culture we’ve created.

We’re looking forward to more great team gatherings throughout the summer and the rest of 2019. Follow Synergy Management on Twitterfor updates on our group outings.